R-ES Hydraulic hammers

NLReimertes designs and manufacturer of hydraulic hammers.

These are the result of years of experience with various other brands hammers and their use.
Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages.
Reimert-es therefore decided to years of experience in using the new hammer and take them into production on request.
These hammers are distinguished by the very simple concept.

Below here can be seen, for example, the R-ES 95-8 in various configurations.
The complete range is, of course and can be used for, among other things, to manufacture of cast in-situ piles, installing sheet piles, concrete, steel or wooden elements.

Maintenance is very easy. There are very few parts to wear or can break.
Should any maintenance should be performed the accessibility of the main components are easy to approach.

Range R-ES 95-8


  • Pile sleeves
  • Drive caps
  • Sheet legs
  • Hoisting devices

Reimert-es provides the necessary special requests for customized solutions.
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